Our Story

The story behind Highline Lending

The story behind Highline Lending

Highline Lending was established in 2020. Having many years experience transacting in both real estate and finance worlds, one thing was clear, it seemed too normal for industry professionals to put commission over clients and not deliver the bare minimum. No high standards and empty unfulfilled promises. A gap in the market was identified.

Our Pyrmont Office Space

Throughout his entrepreneurship journey, our founder dealt and formed respected relationships with a variety of clientele ranging from first time investors to high-net-worth profiles and multimillionaires. He mastered the perfect formula of passion, energy, empathy and the necessary drive to go above and beyond to achieve results beyond expectations.

Having grown resentful of money driven and one off transactional based professionals, Highline Lending was formed to set a premium standard in the finance industry.


We understand true success in home loans takes continual education, utilizing the latest technology and the ability to put ourselves in our clients shoes for each loan, ensuring our actions are directly aligned with the most suitable client outcome possible. Our approach to home loans are not only results driven, but more importantly based on forming valued relationships with our clients. No time wasting, no excuses, no complex jargon and certainly no room for error.

We understand true success in funding takes continual education, utilizing the latest technology and the ability to put ourselves in our clients shoes for each loan, ensuring our actions are directly aligned with the most suitable client outcome possible. Our approach to funding is not only results driven, but more importantly based on forming valued relationships with our clients to achieve mutually beneficial success. No time wasting, no excuses and no room for error. 



From the moment a client contacts Highline, systems and processes are in place utilizing the latest technology to ensure our clients enjoys the ultimate seamless finance experience. We are motivated to constantly be one step ahead of our competition. We are a young, high-energy team and exist to become your life long finance partners. We’re here to take care of all your loan requirements throughout your journey of self development and road to wealth creation. You’re never alone when you need a loan, we look forward to working together, growing together and achieving all your financial goals.

The best interest rates just aren't good enough

  • I've worked alongside Trae on many transactions with a number my clients over the last few years and I am glad to have had the opportunity to get a feel for how he works having just had my personal mortgage across the line. Trae's knowledge, enthusiasm and willingness to get things done is impeccable and the overall experience dealing with him has been second to none. We've dealt with many brokers previously and can say that his understanding of the industry is amongst the best. I cannot recommend him and his team more and I look forward to continuing working with him.

    Ahmad Beydoun Avatar
    Ahmad Beydoun
  • Trae was referred to me by a good friend of ours even though we are based in Melbourne and Trae is in Sydney. We did everything online and it was super easy. Trae managed to get us a great new rate, allowing us to save some extra money - makes me a little frustrated that I didn't know about him years ago! Couldn't rate him higher and looking forward to continue working with him in the years to come. Allie & Michael

    LX LXX Avatar
    LX LXX
  • The team at highline lending have showed excellence in all categories regarding my experience with the purchase of my first property. The initial stage of applying for my loan application felt daunting as I was entering a world that I was not familiar with. However, the team at highline lending guided me through the process with clear and concise communication all the way through. Their analytical skills and network within the banking world provided me with the best offer that without any doubt I would not have been able to close the same deal with another broker. Despite the pressures of COVID the team have successfully helped me purchase my first property.

    Thank you Trae and team !!! This has truly been a highline experience.

    Looking forward to the next one!

    Ibrahem Al-Atyyia Avatar
    Ibrahem Al-Atyyia
  • As a real estate agent, having buyers and sellers with approved finance is a must. The great part is, Trae and the team at Highline Lending support and facilitate the process for all of my buyers and sellers, ensuring that they have the best rates and the best customer experience possible. I have no hesitation recommending my clients to Trae and also all of my personal finance too - he is one you can trust to work hard for you.

    Giuseppe Murace Avatar
    Giuseppe Murace
  • Trea from highland leading is great. Everything from simple information , product selection and advice right thru to Application process and Communication is above all of our expectations

    Adam Cole Avatar
    Adam Cole
  • Trae is so Fast and Professional and he is always Available to support you

    Amid Vahid Avatar
    Amid Vahid
  • Couldn’t recommend this business enough, well worthy of 5+ stars.
    Trae (broker) went above and beyond to secure and negotiate the best possible interest rate for me and was completely transparent throughout the entire process. This business does not direct you towards the bank that pays them the most commission, they direct you towards the lender that is best suited to the customer which is hard to come by nowadays.

    Anthony Ocana Avatar
    Anthony Ocana
  • Trae was on hand with a very personal approach. Showing flexibility at the start whilst we worked out our strategy through to a strong commitment to meeting deadlines to ensure we secured the property within the required timeframe.

    Gareth Hillard Avatar
    Gareth Hillard
  • Trae and his team are very helpful and professional. Could not recommend them highly enough. They make the process very easy and keep you up to date every step of the way, Even with the struggles of COVID.

    Thanks guys, looking forward to working together in the future

    Peter Algie Avatar
    Peter Algie
  • Trae and the team at highline lending , from start of the process till you actually purchase your property , they really care about you getting the best outcome for you , and Trae himself is the best broker in Sydney I would say , the way he communicate and always there for you even for smallest issues , they are there , and they make the whole process look very easy , I would highly recommend them , give them a call for any future loans , they won’t disappoint 😊


    Maisam Sharifi Avatar
    Maisam Sharifi
  • positive review Trae went above and beyond, working all hours to help me remortgage my three investment properties. I honestly believe without him I may not have gotten as good a rate as what I received. He gave me great advice and I hope to use him again in the very near future for more property loans. Thank you, Trae!

    Sophie Moloney Avatar
    Sophie Moloney
  • positive review I cannot recommend Trae and Highline Lending enough. Your down to earth professionalism, your commitment to getting the deal that suited us best with the lender of our choice surpassed our expectations. We cannot thank you enough for making our dreams a reality.

    Karen Killen Avatar
    Karen Killen
  • positive review Thank you Highline lending for helping us purchase our first home, we couldn’t have done it without you!

    Samantha Salameh Avatar
    Samantha Salameh
  • positive review Trae from highline lending is an absolute champion, with no detail left out from finding and sourcing the absolute best loans and rates he could to making sure I was kept in the loop as soon as any bit of information was passed along.
    Definitely recommend highline lending for any loans. 5 stars

    Luca Giuseppe Avatar
    Luca Giuseppe
  • positive review Absolutely great to deal with and gave me lot of options. Thank you

    Bobby Vee Avatar
    Bobby Vee
  • positive review The knowledge, the experience, the patience, the energy, the unbelievable skill set that Trae brought to us was incredible. We are extremely grateful and appreciative of the service and dedication provided to us by Trae and look forward to his continued support and expertise in the future.

    Bacem Atalla Avatar
    Bacem Atalla
  • positive review Ease of applying for a loan, Trae did all the hard work for us behind the scenes, he efficiently communicated his findings and found us the best deal. Pleasure to do business with.

    Cliff Blackburn Avatar
    Cliff Blackburn
  • positive review Trae and high line lending were a pleasure to deal with. The whole process was quick and easy. Thank you again will definitely be in contact.

    Jason Sarkis Avatar
    Jason Sarkis
  • positive review Trae was very helpful.

    Went above and beyond my expectations no matter how difficult the situation was.

    Would recommend Highline Lending to anyone out there considering a loan or whatever finance you may need.

    Muckbil ALi Avatar
    Muckbil ALi
  • positive review Best in the business! Always finds a solution no matter how difficult the situation might be. Would recommend x 1000

    Lauren Bachir Avatar
    Lauren Bachir

Our company values, we aren't your average mortgage brokers

Our clients are our family

We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients for each loan application so we understand exactly what they’re feeling, and align our approach with the best desired outcome. We treat all our clients financial goals just like our own. Each loan gets structured with drive, strategy, passion and high energy. We treat all our clients alike our own family, we aim to grow together and are obsessed with helping and seeing everyone succeed.

Always adding value

We hate turning clients away empty handed. If you aren’t ready for your loan to be approved just yet, we won’t turn you away. We’ll aim to put a plan in place and provide you with expert advice on what needs to be done to have you ready the second time round. We aren’t transaction based mortgage brokers, we’re value adding experts aiming to create fulfilling life long relationships with all our clients.

High standards, always

We won’t settle for less, and you shouldn’t have to either. We have processes and technology in place ensuring your loan gets presented to over sixty financial institutions to provide you the best outcome possible. Our approach to your home loan is handled with years of lending knowledge and strategy, we know exactly what the banks want to see for approval based on your unique circumstances and we won’t stop until the deal is done.

Hear it yourself from one of our valued clients

So, why use Highline Lending for your home loan?

We meet for a consultation, obtain your supporting documents and proceed to structure and package your application for approval knowing exactly what the banks want to see. We also monitor your home loan post approval ensuring you’re home loan suits you and your financial position

We get paid a commission from our lenders as a result of introducing your business to them. Subsequently, our service is at no cost to you. Our commission does not affect your interest rate whatsoever, if anything, we’re in a position to get you a lower interest rate than the general public due to our relationships with our banks

With our many years experience in the industry, we’ve been exposed to both easy and complex loan scenarios. Each loan we process gets presented to over sixty financial institutions, ensuring we have explored all options possible and are able to provide a solution